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Crack Heads, Prostitutes, Pimps, Oh My…

This was a fun one. You absolutely never know what you are gonna get when you walk into a house for the first time. Sometimes the house is clean, and other times theres a dead body (check out the Connor Steinbrook interview). With Jason’s house, he had crack heads, prostitutes, drug dealers, and a pimp. Not quite a Real estate investing horror story, but yet, it could have very well turned into one if he wasn’t careful!

Who is Jason McDougall?

Jason McDougall is a real estate investor based in the Dallas – Fort Worth area. He is the owner of NextEra Homebuyers, a wholesale real estate investment company. Jason primarily focuses on wholesaling, but also flips houses and buys houses to add to his rental portfolio. He quit his full time job in January 2016 to go full time into real estate investing, after completing just 3 wholesale transactions. Jason says that he doesn’t have any hobbies, and what he enjoys doing the most is real estate. His wife Miranda helps run the business and take care of their son Spencer.

This is his story:

Luck or Determination?

Sometimes you get lucky in real estate, sometimes real estate kicks you in the ass. But through it all, if you stay determined and vigilant as Jason did with this 4-plex, the luck may come to you!

Cash for Keys…

This is a fairly simple, straight forward concept. If you have tenants you are worried may destroy the house, or stay past their welcome, offer them some walking away money. Think about it. If you were in a situation where you were going to have to leave the house, wouldn’t you rather have some walking away money vs just getting kicked out?

What would you do?

We’ve kicked this question around the studio quite a bit… and the easiest, most effective thing we came up with (and by we, I am of course referring to Daniel), was to simply CALL THE POLICE! Seriously, in a situation like this… Call the police, should make your life a bit easier.


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