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“My goal is not only to get the deal sold, but sell it to somebody who actually has a chance at making money.”

Randy Quay is the man for co-wholesales in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Sellers have brought properties to Quay that seem impossible to be sold; Randy Quay has sold them for more and within 24 hours.

Quay is known for doing the work himself and not relying on others to do it for him. He runs the numbers himself, checks out the properties from foundation to roof-and yes, he says it is important to physically get on the roof.

Networking is essential in this explosive market, and Randy Quay is the man to connect investors to buyers. He has started from 100% of his own properties to 60-70% of co-wholesales. 

Quay gives his honest opinion on co-wholesaling and the world of Real Estate Investing in this compelling interview.


For interest with Randy Quay and Homewood Properties, please visit www.homewoodproperties.com

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